Rays on the Roof Solar Array Project Overview
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The Co-op is planning a bold new initiative for 2019 involving a new roof and a new solar power system. The current flat roof is six years past its useful life and rainwater periodically leaks into the store.  The renewable energy generated by this system will improve Co-op’s bottom line and eliminate significant fossil-fuel carbon emissions. The overall cost is expected to be approximately $750,000.

The main roof can hold about 15,000 square feet of industrial-class solar photo-voltaic panels, which yield an approximately 25 percent reduction in the cost of the Co-op’s electricity. Co-op’s challenge is structuring financial options that yield the funds to pay for the array and the new roof.

The store’s reserves are not sufficient to purchase the roof and array, so the Co-op is examining a number of funding strategies. A leading contender for part of the cost is an Individual Bond Bill from the Maryland State Legislature.  Such funds are highly competitive to obtain but do not have to be paid back.  A small team has already made major strides in developing the application for the bond bill. 

Funds from a bond bill must be matched by the Co-op and we need you to help us show the legislature that we mean business.  This means asking members of the community (Co-op members and others) to pledge matching funds now so we can tell our representatives in the House and Senate that you’re with us.  The attached pledge form offers a variety of opportunities to help – and these, plus in-store alternatives, allow the community to assist upfront or support us in an ongoing way. 

Please review the pledge form and let us know how you can help – we’re flexible. Regardless of the State Bond Bill outcome, the Co-op will continue to seek funding for the array but must in any case replace the roof.   We hope members will recognize this urgent necessity and contribute accordingly.

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