Becoming a Member

Becoming an owner at the Co-op is easy! Download and complete the application and then stop by the Customer Service Office with your membership fee of $10. If you would like to become a voting owner, you will need to deposit at least $100 in your account. You will be given a membership account number that you will use each time you make a purchase at the store. This account belongs to YOU, the owner.

The cooperative uses these funds to establish and operate its facilities. One difference between a Subscriber and a Voting Member is that a Voting Member may vote at the Co-op’s annual meeting and even is eligible to serve on the board if nominated and elected at this meeting.

Member capital accounts grow in two ways: with cash deposits made directly by owners with cash deposits made directly by owners or through patronage refunds.

For more information on the benefits of membership, please refer to our Member Benefits page.

For a detailed look at how the Co-op is governed, please refer to our bylaws. A detailed financial report may be obtained from the Customer Service Office at any time the store is open. 

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A lifetime membership is only $10!