Rays on the Roof Solar Array Project

Please review the pledge form and let us know how you can help – we’re flexible. Regardless of the State Bond Bill outcome, the Co-op will continue to seek funding for the array but must in any case replace the roof.   We hope members will recognize this urgent necessity and contribute accordingly.

Alternatively, a PDF of the pledge form may be completed and mailed, emailed, or dropped off at the Co-op.

A word about donations

Members and patrons may donate to the Co-op for the Rays on the Roof Campaign.  Assuming the project goes forward, these funds are not returnable and are different from the investment options.  Donations are not tax-deductible because the Co-op is not an IRS 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are not limited by dollar amount.  

Cash register donations may be made at any check stand. Simply tell your cashier that you wish to donate to the Rays on the Roof campaign.  Larger donations are accepted at the in-store office.

A word about investments:

Investments are not donations or gifts to the Co-op. They are a way to say, "I support you, and I am willing to lend you some money to complete an important upgrade."

Each investment option pays you interest once each year.  It then returns your initial contribution at the end of 4, 7 or 10 years.  Interest rates will be comparable to CD rates (currently projected to be 3% for the four and seven year terms and 3.25% for the ten year term) in force on the formal commencement of the program when full terms and conditions will become available and formal paperwork executed. 

Choices among four, seven, and ten year programs will be limited to ensure payback within electricity savings and are assigned in the order pledges are received.

Members may invest in one or all options up to the maximum allowed ($10,000 minus the member capital account balance).

A final word:

Completion of this form does not bind either the signer or the Co-op.  It is a statement of intent and not a contract. One goal of the pledge drive is to demonstrate to the State Legislature that the membership a serious in their support of their cooperative supermarket. 


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