Annual Membership Meeting


Each year, the Board of Directors holds an Annual Membership Meeting. The meeting is a way for the board and store management to report on the store’s earnings, programs, products, staff and other aspects of the Co-op. It’s also an opportunity for members to vote on important issues and discuss their concerns, compliments and ideas for the store with the Board and membership community. Of course light refreshments, door prizes and a convivial atmosphere are provided! 

Date & Location:
2018 Membership Meeting

November 10, 2018, 10:30 am to 12:00 pm
Multi-purpose room (201)


* MOTION: To amend Section 2.01 of the Bylaws by deleting the phrase “and at most two thousand dollars” in part (b), and adding a phrase to the last sentence so that it becomes: “A maximum of two thousand dollars is permitted in a member account, except that the Board of Directors may agree in writing with certain members that they are permitted up to ten thousand dollars.” PURPOSE: To raise money for fixing the roof.

You must be a Voting Member with at least $100 in your member capital account in order to vote. Additions to your account can be made at the Customer Service Office. The Membership Department can inform you of your account balance at any time. ALL MEMBERS, both Voting and Subscribing, are encouraged to attend.

Any voting member interested in running for the board of directors must complete a nomination form  by October 23. Nominations are not accepted from the floor at the annual meeting.

Photos from the 2015 Membership Meeting.

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