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The Co-op offers a variety of food demos and tastings to allow shoppers to refresh their menu plans and try new products or features before making a purchase and make smarter selections overall. 

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Macro Vegetarian

Friday, December 15, from 4:00-7:00 pm

macro vegetarian dumplings-180.jpgI came across these amazing noodles and dumplings in the prepared food case across from the store baked bread. Wow. This stuff is truly amazing. Here are some details in their own words, "Macro Vegetarian is a  creator of meal experiences. Ideal for those who are vegan, lessatarians, and foodies. All of our products are ready to eat in pre-packed containers so they are perfect for those in a rush looking for something to grab and go. We use only non-GMO ingredients and source organic and local whenever possible. Our goals are to help people enjoy their vegan lifestyles and to help the environment by not using any animal or animal by products. Even if you are not a veggie person we hope you give our meals a try. We could all use more vegetables in our diets anyway."








Patron Day Delectables
Wednesday, December 27, 4-7 pm


pimento cheese-180.jpg

Nothing is on trend more than this southern classic - pimento cheese. So what's the deal with this stuff? We are glad you asked tonight as we prepare for New Years, we are thrilled to help answer that question as we serve up some appetizers featuring pimento cheese!


There will be a wine tasting as well! Save $1 on tasting wines.



CO-OP "Give the Gift of Hope"
Holiday Fundraising Campaign
to Fight Hunger

makingchange-sm.pngEvery year, many of us feel truly blessed around this time for what we have; family, shelter, food and friends. But in stark contrast there are people right here in our own community who have very little. Co-op is running our annual "Give the Gift of Hope" holiday season fundraiser to lend a hand to our less fortunate neighbors.

The "Give the Gift of Hope" campaign is a point-of-purchase fundraiser that can be made in any amount. To make a donation, simply tell your friendly cashier the amount of your donation. The cashier will scan the campaign coupons, and the amount will automatically appear on your receipt. All donations are tax deductible.

The campaign will end on Sunday, January 6, 2018. Upon completion of the program, Co-op Supermarket sends all funds collected to Making Change, which in turn forwards the donations to the nearby Capital Area Food Bank, which is much more than a food pantry offering wellness programs, nutrition assistance, and support to needy families.

“With over 8,000 retailers nationwide participating in this Give the Gift of Hope holiday program, we know that collectively we will be making a huge difference in the lives of hungry Americans. It is our hope to raise as much money as possible and share our customer’s generosity with those in need.” says Co-op’s General Manager, Bob Davis.

So... please make a donation each time you shop for groceries at Co-op. You truly do have the opportunity to "Give the Gift of Hope" in our community this holiday season!


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